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kniha Snění

Jiri Lochman was born on 24 may 1951 in Bela pod Bezdezem. Currently, he lives in Liberec. He is one of disciples of czech imaginative art masters, mainly of Frantisek Muzika. Since 1968, mr. Lochman has concentrated on oil-painting only. He has improved one of classical oil-painting method which has been named after him "Artloch".  He has presented his art on 149 author's exhibitions.

Jiri Lochman galleries :

Atelier of Jiri Lochman, for information      call : +420737822885. Address : Lounska 499, Liberec 7, 46007                                            link to the map :


Currently, original publication "Kniha sneni" is in the sale. Book contains 25 poems of Jiri Zak and 33 full-colour reproductions of Lochmans pictures. Book cost  250,- Kc (8,5 €) and is buyable only in gallery LOCH in Liberec.


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